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Sorry I have been MIA lately...it is the final week of university and I have been busily trying to finish all my assignments, but I am feeling less stressed as I only have one more project to submit! But then I'll become stressed from waiting for results and hoping I did well enough. I think I stress too much, but unfortunately that's just my persona.

I recently rediscovered the work of May Gibbs, a wonderful illustrator and author who created "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie" I really loved how cute her illustrations are! The Australian themes also make me feel more connected to the work, it reminds me of my old home near the bushlands.

My other childhood favourite was Shirley Barber's work. I was always transfixed by the use of colours in order to give the feeling that the fairy's wings and dress were really glittering, such a lovely use of paint.

Coldplay - Clocks

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Love Shirley barber xxxx

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